Doctors and Health Professionals to Gov. DeSantis: Issue a Stay-at-Home Order Now

Last updated March 26 at 7:30pm with 500+ signatures. Organized by Doctors for America.
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Dear Governor DeSantis and Florida’s Elected Leaders:

As doctors and other health care professionals across Florida, we call upon you to issue a stay-at-home order immediately to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cases are rising rapidly across Florida. We are at a critical point in our state’s ability to avoid the catastrophic situation unfolding in New York City and Italy.

We know how big a decision this is. We take care of patients who are small business owners, independent contractors, working in an already devastated tourism industry. Many of us are small business owners ourselves.

But the stakes are too high for both our health and our economy to delay. We must act now to safeguard both. In fact, the faster we enact stay-at-home across Florida, the faster we can get this virus under control and life can get back to normal.

Stay-at-home is a temporary order that will bring down the number of people who get sick and buy us the time we need to go on offense against coronavirus: ramp up testing of all suspected cases, isolate and trace contacts of infected individuals, arm our frontline medical workers with masks and gowns, prepare for hospital surge capacity as Floridians fall ill.

We stand ready to fight coronavirus and fight for Florida. Please stand with us, health care professionals, and issue a stay-at-home order now. The time for patients over politics is now!


(Are you a Florida health professional? Sign this letter here. Organized by Doctors for America)

1. Dr. Mona Vishin Mangat, MD (St. Petersburg)

2. Dr. Alice T. Chen, MD (Miami)

3. Dr. Bhumi Upadhyay, MD (St Petersburg)

4. Dr. Chitra Reddy, DPM (Tampa)

5. Dr. Allison Messina, MD (St Petersburg)

6. Dr. Payal Jhawar, MD (Bradenton)

7. Dr. Jennifer Harkins, MD (Tampa)

8. Dr. Hiten Upadhyay (Saint Petersburg)

9. Dr. Harpreet Kaur Patheja, MD (Tampa)

10. Dr. Gagandeep Mangat, MD (St. Petersburg)

11. Dr. David Berman, DO (St Petersburg)

12. Dr. Rebecca Manganello, DO (St. Petersburg)

13. Dr. Mariah Pate, MD (St. Petersburg)

14. Dr. Alpana Grover, MD (Palm Harbor)

15. Dr. Ana Negrón, MD (Tampa)

16. Dr. Katrina Cordero, DO (Tampa)

17. Dr. Nicole Melendez, MD (Tampa)

18. Dr. Carolyn Linek-Rajapaksha, MD (Wesley Chapel)

19. Dr. Christina Gomez, D.O. (Wesley Chapel)

20. Dr. L Drach, DO (St. Petersburg)

21. Dr. Preeti Kallu, MD (St. Petersburg)

22. Dr. Neelam Yi, MD (Tampa)

23. Dr. Aparna Asher, MD (Clearwater)

24. Dr. Priya G. Rao, D.O. (St. Petersburg)

25. Dr. Vedashree Panthulu, M.D (Sarasota)

26. Dr. Krystal Keup, MD (St Petersburg)

27. Dr. Rashmi Murthy, MD (Miami)

28. Dr. Taghrid Altoos, MD (Tampa)

29. Dr. Elizabeth Banks, MD (St Petersburg)

30. Dr. Nicole Fanarjian, MD, MSCR (Tampa)

31. Dr. Zeina Takieddine, MD (Tampa)

32. Dr. Sanjay Madan, MD (Safety harbor)

33. Dr. Amit Taggar, MD (Tampa)

34. Dr. Sheila Rodriguez, RN (Lakeland)

35. Dr. Poorvi Desai, MD (Tampa)

36. Dr. Daniela Chiriboga Salazar, MD (Jacksonville)

37. Dr. Tali Wojnowich, MD (Naples)

38. Dr. Sara Ansari, D.O. (Tampa)

39. Dr. Jasmine Weaver, DO (Riverview)

40. Lea Ann Biafora, MS, RN (St Petersburg)

41. Dr. Bianca Karber, MD (Tampa)

42. Dr. Yelena Tarasenko, D.O. (Clearwater)

43. Dr. Nehaben Patel, MD (Tampa)

44. Dr. Sandip T Patel, MD (Tampa)

45. Sue Tabor, MA Rehabilitation Counseling (Ormond Beach)

46. Dr. Alejandro Isava-Quintero, MD FAAP (Fort Lauderdale)

47. Dr. Carol Geddes, MD (Wesley Chapel)

48. Dr. Lana McKinley, DO (St. Petersburg)

49. Dr. Lauren Sequeira, M.D. (Tampa)

50. Marcy Dotter (Largo)

51. Dr. Mezaan Beljic, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC (Seminole)

52. Dr. Bridget Kennedy, MSN (Gulfport)

53. Dr. Sujatha Prabhakaran, MD, MPH (Sarasota)

54. Dr. Katie McBride, PharmD (Tampa)

55. Dr. Karen Monroe, MD (St. Petersburg)

56. Dr. Eva Gupta, Md (Tampa)

57. Dr. Leslie Turner, MD (Tampa)

58. Dr. Julie Hallanger Johnson, MD (Tampa)

59. Dr. Lisa Moudgill, MD (Tampa)

60. Dr. Shikha Sharma, MD, MD (Tampa)

61. Bridget Wood (St Petersburg)

62. Jennifer Thompson, ARNP (St. Petersburg)

63. Dr. Heather Goode, MD (Tampa)

64. Dr. Laura Bowers, PharmD (Saint Petersburg)

65. Dr. Sabrina Adams, MD (Tampa)

66. Dr. Atreyi Chakrabarti, MD (Lithia)

67. Dr. Anushree Nair, DO (St. Petersburg)

68. Dr. Roshni Shah, PharmD (Tampa)

69. Dr. Gitika Dham, MD (Wesley Chapel)

70. Dr. Joy Allee, MD (Tampa)

71. Dr. Jenna Kazil, MD FACS RPVI (Bradenton)

72. Taylor Eshleman, BSN (St. Petersburg)

73. Dr. Geeta Arora, Psy.D. (Tampa)

74. Dr. Monique Sajjad, DO (St. Petersburg)

75. Dr. Eric Schilling, DO (St. Petersburg)

76. Jaleesa Blair, Licensed Practical Nurse (Tampa)

77. Dr. Shannon Falcon, MD (Tampa)

78. Dr. Michelle Bosco, PsyD, MA, MA (St Petersburg)

79. Dr. Monal Mathur, MD (Tampa)

80. Dr. Jennifer Sanchez Russel, DO (Riverview)

81. Dr. Amy Kiskaddon, PharmD (Tarpon Springs)

82. Dr. Rachel Rapkin, MD, MPH (Tampa)

83. Dr. Thao Nguyen, MD (Orlando)

84. Dr. Beatriz Sankey, MD (Odessa)

85. Dr. Paola Dees, MD (Saint Petersburg)

86. Dr. Neeta Chhabra, OD (Tampa)

87. Dr. Brittany Casey, MD (Saint Petersburg)

88. Dr. Melinda Murphy, MD (Tampa)

89. Dr. Alex Anton, MD (Tampa)

90. Dr. Sujata Shah, PharmD (Lutz)

91. Dr. Meghan Roddy, PharmD (St. Petersburg)

92. Karen Baybut, RN, BSN (Saint Petersburg)

93. Dr. Ritika Jassal, MD (Tampa)

94. Dr. Dr. Hannah McAtee, MD (St. Petersburg)

95. Dr. Dr. Danielle Gliosca, DO (St. Petersburg)

96. Dr. Shannon Glenn-Otto, MD (St. Petersburg)

97. Dr. Kinjal Millette, MD (Tampa)

98. Dr. Katelyn Mayba, MD (Tampa)

99. Dr. Erika L Cohen, MD (Saint Petersburg)

100. Dr. Joanna Coonradt Barris, DO (Tampa)

101. Dr. Kendra Davis, DO (Lakeland)

102. Dr. Jennifer Landy, MD (Tampa)

103. Dr. Janika Prajapati, MD (Saint Petersburg)

104. Dr. Corrie Bharucha, MD (St Petersburg)

105. Dr. Wendy Masterman, MD (Tampa)

106. Dr. Sharon Ingram MD (Valrico)

107. Dr. Gurkiran Gill, MD (Clearwater)

108. Debbie Ray, MSN APRN (St Petersburg)

109. Cynthia Schuhmann, BSN, MSN, FNP-BC (Tampa)

110. Shannon Gardiner, BSN (Tampa)

111. Dr. Jenny Lichon, DO (Sarasota)

112. Dr. Amanda Smith, MD (Tampa)

113. Dr. Hilary Taylor, Psy.D, CFE, CLC (Boca Raton)

114. Dr. Anna Valina-Toth, MD (Tampa)

115. Dr. Theresa Griffith, RRT/ NPS /ACCS (Tampa)

116. Dr. Dr Chirag Shah, DO (Tampa)

117. Dr. Jennifer Davis, MD (Delray Beach)

118. Dr. Rebecca Kraft, MSN (Tampa)

119. Dr. Vipul Pandya, MD (Largo)

120. Dr. Dipti Patil, MD (Bradenton)

121. Dr. Sunil Pandya, MD MBA MHI CPHIMS (Naples)

122. Heather King, BSN, MSN (Tampa)

123. Dr. Amanda Hafer, DO (Bradenton)

124. Dr. Kelsie Fernandes, AS (Seminole)

125. Dr. Kathryn Litherland, PharmD (Saint Petersburg)

126. Dr. Gloydian Cruz, MD (Palm Harbor)

127. Dr. Maryam Nouhi, DO (Boca raton)

128. Dr. Tom Fletcher, MDiv (Naples)

129. Dr. Kate Knupp, MD (Tampa)

130. Dr. Sonali Lakhani MD (Lakeland)

131. Dr. Farrah Bell, Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Tampa)

132. Dr. Kelly Singh-Biles, DO (Tampa)

133. Dr. Aparna Asher, MD (Clearwater)

134. Dr. Carolina Vac Nelson, MD (St. Petersburg)

135. Dr. Raam Lakhani, MD (Lakeland)

136. Dr. Robert Kickish, MD (Tampa)

137. Dr. Kush K Patel, MD MS DACEP DABHP (Saint Petersberg)

138. Carol Traber, BSN (Tampa)

139. Dr. Karen Joseph, MD (Largo)

140. Dr. Sarah Youssef, MD (Ocean Ridge)

141. Dr. Sierra Davis, DO (Tampa)

142. Dr. Erjola Balliu, MD (Tampa)

143. Dr. Robert Kickish, MD (Tampa)

144. Dr. Rosana Lastra Castellucci, MD (St. Petersburg)

145. Dr. Laura Levitt, MD (Tampa)

146. Dr. Pilar Suz, MD (Tampa)

147. Dr. Sarah Sidhu, MD (Tampa)

148. Dr. Grace Donohue, MD (Tampa)

149. Dr. Lesley Yee, PharmD (Bradenton)

150. Dr. Anna Grindy, MD (St Petersburg)

151. Dr. Sangita Kapadia, MD (St. Petersburg)

152. Dr. Ketan Kapadia, MD (St. Petersburg)

153. Dr. Amanda Tse, PharmD (Tampa)

154. Dr. Anjali Nirmalani-Gandhy, MD (Tampa)

155. Dr. Jennifer Kim, MD (St. Petersburg)

156. Dr. Vai Alandikar, Pharm.D., M.S. (St. Petersburg)

157. Dr. Lakshmi Kolli, M.D (Springhill)

158. Dr. Dr Janet Black, MD (Palm Harbor)

159. Dr. Jennifer white, MD (Tampa)

160. Dr. Javier H Gonzalez, MD, Cardiologist (Lutz)

161. Dr. Lisa Hayes, DO (Tampa)

162. Dr. Selina J Lin, MD (Tampa)

163. Dr. Anja Alpendre, PharmD (Tampa)

164. Dr. Michele Gero, MD (Venice)

165. Dr. Sejal Shah Desai, MD (Tampa)

166. Dr. Glivery Mary Elvambuena, MD (Clearwater)

167. Dr. Joana Machry, MD (Saint Oete Beach)

168. Dr. Farhan Malik, DO (St. Petersburg)

169. Dr. Jose Martinez MD, Pulmonary and critical care (Pompano Beach)

170. Dr. Whitney DeLozier, MD (St. Petersburg)

171. Pamela Lynch, BSN (Tampa)

172. Dr. Alyssa M. King, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC, CLC (Largo)

173. Dr. Mauricio Bermudez MD, MD (Tampa)

174. Dr. Jennifer Joy Pandya, PA-C (Bradenton)

175. Cari Wolczynski, Masters in Nursing (Tampa)

176. Dr. Andrew Mallon, DO (St. Petersburg)

177. Dr. Catherine Hough-Telford, MD (Tampa)

178. Dr. Ashwini Reddy, MD (Tampa)

179. Dr. Deborah White, MD (Tampa)

180. Deborah Torrey, PA-C (Hudson)

181. Jillian Clavenna, MMS (Safety Harbor)

182. Juliana Batista Ferreira, Nurse (Gulfport)

183. Dr. Matthew Clavenna, MD (Safety Harbor)

184. Christina Schmidt, AS Nurse (St. Petersburg)

185. Dr. Salma Pothiawala, MD, MPH (Tampa)

186. Angelika Ruiz, Medical Assistant (Seminole)

187. Dr. Sanlly Perez, MD (Tampa)

188. Dr. Michelle Guild, PharmD (Tampa)

189. Misti Clark (Clearwater)

190. Dr. Lauren Freedman, MS (St. Petersburg)

191. Dr. Stephanie Kurtz, MD (St. Petersburg)

192. Amanda Quirin, MSW (Tampa)

193. Dr. Naomi Johansen, MD (St. Petersburg)

194. Dr. Rizwan Ahmed, MD (Orlando)

195. Dr. Cristina Lopez, MSN (Miami)

196. Dr. Amarilis Sánchez-Valle, MD (Tampa)

197. Dr. Diana Igou, Critical Care (Safety Harbor)

198. Dr. James Quintessenza, MD (St. Petersburg)

199. Dr. Thanh Nguyen, MD (Tampa)

200. Dr. Vanessa Velazquez-Ruiz, MD (Tampa)

201. Dr. Moeen Khalil, MD (Safety Harbor)

202. Joni C Stewart LCSW, MSW (Tampa)

203. Dr. Alisa Pierce-Kee, MD (Lutz)

204. Dr. Christina Neundorf Leone, MD (St. Petersburg)

205. Susan Buffington, MSN (Palmetto)

206. Dr. Melissa Fickey, MD (Riverview)

207. Dr. Kervin Doctor, MD (Tampa)

208. Dr. Ramesh Ashwath, MD (tampa)

209. Melissa Hileman, MPT (Tampa)

210. Natalie mercado, Master of Physician assistant studies (Tampa)

211. Dr. Shetal Patel-Gandhi, MD (Tampa)

212. Dr. Gerson Rodríguez-Fazzi, MD (Saint Petersburg)

213. Dr. Ami Modh, DO (Tampa)

214. Dr. Sheri Patel, MD (Stuart)

215. Dr. Jennifer Leiding, MD (St. Petersburg)

216. Dr. Sree Lalitha Degala, MD MSPH (Tampa)

217. Dr. Fran Sterling, DO FAAP (Largo)

218. Dr. Mary Lanctot, DNP (Saint Petersburg)

219. Dr. Lalitha Degala, MD MSPH (Tampa)

220. Dr. Sapnalaxmi Amin, MBBS (Tampa)

221. Dr. Crystal Jacovino, DO (Tampa)

222. Dr. James Anderson, MD (Saint Petersburg)

223. Dr. Kaylee Simmerman, DPT (Seminole)

224. Dr. Shama Rathi, MD (St Petersburg)

225. Dr. Linh Phuong Dinh, MD (Trinity)

226. Dr. Maria Hicks, MD (Tampa)

227. Dr. Summer J. Decker, PhD (Tampa)

228. Lori Ann Templeton, RN, BSN, MSN (Tampa)

229. Dr. Michael Weiss (Miami)

230. Dr. Shelly Holmstrom, MD (Tampa)

231. Gabrielle Steiner, RN (St. Petersburg)

232. Dr. Yahdira Rodriguez-Prado, MD (Orlando)

233. Dr. Priya Nayyar, MD (St. Petersburg)

234. Dr. Paola Dees, MD (St. Petersburg)

235. Melissa Berner, Masters of Nursing (Tampa)

236. Dr. Perry Katsamakis, Pharm D (Tampa)

237. Clarissa Norris, RN, BSN (Saint Petersburg)

238. Dr. Galina Shistik, MD (Lakeland)

239. Dr. Emma Clark, MD (Tampa)

240. Carol Wilson, (Clearwater)

241. Dr. Marcia S. Miller, MD (Clearwater)

242. Dori Sargent, Firefighter/EMT

243. Jaime Mills, MMS, PA-C (St Petersburg)

244. Dr. Marguerite Crawford, MD (St Petersburg)

245. Dr. Shefali Sharma, DMD (West Palm Beach)

246. Lorin Newingham, Occupational Therapy (Holmes Beach)

247. Dr. Yerania Rodriguez Navedo, MD (Lakeland)

248. Michelle Diaz Rosa, RN (Land o Lakes)

249. Tanja Vidovic, EMT-P (Safety Harbor)

250. Dr. Delia M. Rivera, MD (Miami)

251. Dr. Louise Santos, MD (Palm Harbor)

252. Dr. Delia M. Rivera, MD (Miami)

253. Sandhya Srinivasan, MPH MED (Tampa)

254. Dr. Michael Lopez, MD (Tampa)

255. Melissa Tennent, BSN (Tampa)

256. Reed Ryan, APRN (Tampa)

257. Dr. Alexandra Howard, DO, MPH (St. Petersburg)

258. Dr. Aixa Soyano, MD (Tampa)

259. Dr. Asif Azam, MD (Ft myers)

260. Dr. Jennifer Jain, MD, FRCPC, ABPN (Tampa)

261. Amanda Pavlock, Nurse Practitioner (Tampa)

262. Dr. Shazia Ahmed, MD (Debary)

263. Megan Collier, BSN (St. Petersburg)

264. Dr. Roxana Stoici, MD (saint petersburg)

265. Tracey Menszycki, MSN FNP (St Petersburg)

266. Marina Welch, Nurse (Tampa)

267. Lynne Thompson, RN (St. Petersburg)

268. Sheila Roit, RN, MPP (Lithia)

269. Dr. Linsey Grove, DrPH, CPH, CHES (St. Petersburg)

270. Dr. Michelle Tang, MD (Miami)

271. Jennifer Moore, PA and MPS (Valrico)

272. Kate Davis, RN, BSN (Safety Harbor)

273. Dr. Corinne Wolfe, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (Tampa)

274. Debbie Kossert, RN (Lithia)

275. Dr. Neha Verma, MD (Tampa)

276. Dr. Katherine Apostolakis-Kyrus, MD (Tampa)

277. Dr. Chris Nicholas Kyrus, MD (Tampa)

278. Juan C Nieto Quintero, Occupational Therapy Assistant (Jacksonville)

279. Jessica Eldridge-Moore, MSN, APRN-BC (Bradenton)

280. Shannon Schmelzer, APRN, MSN (Tampa)

281. Alissa Havens, BScN, RN, CPN (Clearwater)

282. Dr. Shreena Patel, MD (Tampa)

283. Dr. Sarah Rockwell, PharmD (Tampa)

284. Alicia Alcide, MPH, BSN (Palmetto)

285. Natalie Moore, CRNA (St Petersburg)

286. Alex Schultz, MSN, RN (St. Petersburg)

287. Jessica Lipham, L.Ac. (Sarasota)

288. Jennifer Whitney, Speech Language Pathology (Tampa)

289. Dr. Juan Dumois, MD (St. Petersburg)

290. Gina-Maria Roca, M.S. in Public Health (Tampa)

291. Jeff Desjardine, MPT (Tampa)

292. Deanna Critchfield, MSN (Tampa/Riverview)

293. Maryann Carter, Medical Scheduler (St. Petersburg)

294. Dr. Stephanie Cabrera, MD (Gainesville)

295. Dr. Madhurya Polavarapu, MD (St Petersburg)

296. Dr. Bryant Shuey, MD (Tampa)

297. Dr. Camille Thelin, MD, MS (Tampa)

298. Dr. Savan Shah, MD (Tampa)

299. Dr. Priya Panara, DO (St. Petersburg)

300. Dr. Meredith Mowitz, MD (Gainesville)

301. Dr. Jay Ghiya, DMD (Tampa)

302. Karen T Maloney, Nurse (Largo)

303. Dr. Victoria Rizk, MD (Tampa)

304. Dr. Dakota Jenneman, DO (Tampa)

305. Mabel E D MacMillan, Laboratory Technician (Seminole)

306. Dr. Caroline Bresnan, MD (Tampa)

307. Dr. Candice Mateja, DO (Tampa)

308. Dr. Bianshly Rivera Rivero, MD (Tampa)

309. Dr. Dae hyun Lee, MD (Tampa)

310. Dr. Andrew Mehlman, MD (Tampa)

311. Dr. Paula Hernandez, MD (Tampa)

312. Dr. Katherine Robinson, MD (Tampa)

313. Leslie Reiner, RN and MPH (Yampa)

314. Dr. Tony Kriseman, MD (Tampa)

315. Dr. Samantha Avery (Saint Petersburg)

316. Dr. Tracy G Sanson, MD (Lutz)

317. Dr. Alyssa Kimble, MD, MBA (Tampa)

318. Rupa Shastri, MSPT, CLT (Pinellas Park)

319. Dr. Alexander Lim, MD (Tampa)

320. Holli Metcalf, MSN, APRN-C, MSN (Tampa)

321. Tracy laboy, BSN (Wesley Chapel)

322. Joleen Rockhill, MSN, BSN (Seminole)

323. Laurie Waldron, PAC (Tampa)

324. Dr. Avani Patel, MD (Tampa)

325. Dr. Samir C. Shah, MD (Pinellas Park)

326. Dr. Christopher Reiner, MD (Tampa)

327. Dr. Howard Maunus, MD (Stuart)

328. Dr. Mikaela Aradi, MD (Tampa)

329. Dr. Julie Graves, MD MPH PhD (North Bay Village)

330. Dr. Shilpa Kailas, MD (Tampa)

331. Dr. Lawrence Bennett, MD (Delray Beach)

332. Dr. Patricia Quigley, MD, MME, FAAP (St. Petersburg)

333. Richard Ballerand, BSc MSc DCouns FRUSI FRSM (Longboat Key)

334. Sandy Oestreich, MSN (Clearwater)

335. Rebecca Dart, Medical Student (Sarasota)

336. Dr. Neetu Malhotra, MD (Naples)

337. Dr. M.Andre Vasu, M.D. (Punta Gorda)

338. Dr. Teddy Si Youn, M.D. (Phoenix)

339. Dr. Heidi Erickson, MD (Delray beach)

340. Janice Greenberg, MSN (Nurse Practitioner), MA Psychology (Fern Park)

341. Dr. Sandra J Cadena, PhD, APRN (Brooksville)

342. Dr. Susan Rosoff, Doctor of Chiropractic (Deerfield Beach)

343. Dr. Suat Akgun, M.D. (Pompano Beach)

344. Dr. Lana Afiat, MD (Tampa)

345. Dr. Jordan Messler, MD (Largo)

346. Betsy Marville, RN (Boynton Beach)

347. Dr. Sultan Rahaman, M.D. (Longwood)

348. Dr. Jaime Candelori, MD (Altamonte Springs)

349. Dr. James Escoe Cole, DDS, MD (Cape Coral)

350. Dr. Robyn Lagina, M.D. (Winter Park)

351. Dr. Jorge Luna, DO (Cooper City)

352. Dr. Daphna barbeau, MD (Pembroke pines)

353. Dr. Susan Betzer, PH.D., M.D. (St Petersburg)

354. Dr. Sabiha Kazi, MD (Oviedo)

355. Dr. Arlan L Rosenbloom, MD (Gainesville)

356. Dr. Wil Blechman, M.D. (Miami)

357. Léon Jeffrey Lickteig, Nutritionist (Vero Beach)

358. Dr. Sureka Bollepalli, MD (Clearwater)

359. Dr. Barbara Coy, DMD (Sarasota)

360. Dr. Rose Hayet, MD FACOG (Deerfield Beach)

361. Dr. Maureen Maguire, M.D. (Sarasota)

362. Dr. Caryn Silver, MD (Sarasota)

363. Dr. Heather Elizondo Vega, MD (Gotha)

364. Dr. Rima Sanka, DO (Tampa)

365. Dr. Erin McNaughton, PhD (Miami Shores)

366. Dr. Taryn Gallo, MD (Vero Beach)

367. Dr. John D Berne, MD MPH (Fort Lauderdale)

368. Dr. Lisa Petitfils, MD (Pelham)

369. Mark Williams, Scientist (Wilton Manors)

370. Dr. Janice Eakle, MD (Sarasota)

371. Chandrally Mahajan, MPH (Dania Beach)

372. Jennifer Gibson, BSN- CCRN (Miami)

373. Dr. Barry Eshkol Adelman, PhD (Vero Beach)

374. Dr. Akash Parekh, MD (Gainesville)

375. Dr. Sandra Greco, MD (Sanibel)

376. Dr. Ami Degala, MD (Palm Harbor)

377. Laurette Dunn (Tamarac)

378. Katie West, BSN (Bradenton)

379. Dr. Vanessa Cullins, MD, MPH, MBA (Jacksonville)

380. Dr. Lynn Chacko, MD (Gainesville)

381. Dr. Kathleen Kilbride, M.D (Tampa)

382. Catherine Bugielski, BSN (Lithia)

383. Helen Bermudez, Medical Student (Hialeah)

384. Jeanette Brown, Medical Student (Miami)

385. Brett Colbert, Medical Student (Miami)

386. Dr. James Thompson, MD, MPH (West Palm Beach)

387. Dr. Tiffany Hernandez, MD (Tampa)

388. Yanelys Fernandez, Medical Student (Homestead)

389. Dr. Jennifer Snyder, MD (Tampa)

390. Teresa Ju, Medical Student (Davie)

391. Devan Walicek, APRN (Tampa)

392. Dr. Richard Wilde, MD (Lutz)

393. Dr. Raquel Hernandez, MD, MPH (Tampa)

394. Dr. Margarita Torres, MD (Tampa)

395. Susan Wilde, RN, BSN, CPN (Lutz)

396. Dr. Julie Kessel, MD (Saint Petersburg)

397. Dr. Lizeth Caldera, MS, MD (Miami)

398. Patricia Friedel, MSN (Tampa)

399. Dr. Rebecca Rich, PharmD (Tampa)

400. Dr. Lisa Rush, MD (Tampa)

401. Dr. Jacqueline Hartman, MD (Wesley Chapel)

402. Erin Gray, MS, LMHC, Psychotherapist (Lake Mary)

403. Dr. Joseph Luke O’Neill, MD, MS (Tampa)

404. Julie Heger, Medical Student (Miami)

405. Dr. Rebecca Santiago, RN (Orlando)

406. Dr. James Olcese, PhD Endocrinology (Tallahassee)

407. Dr. David Hernandez, MD (Tampa)

408. Andrea Corona, Medical Student (Miami)

409. Henry Olano, MPH and Medical Student (Miami)

410. Alejandro Fundora, RN (Hialeah)

411. Dr. Lindsay Lindsey, Doctor of Physical Therapy (Jacksonville)

412. Dr. Daniel Matta, MD (Tallahassee)

413. Dr. Sash Gourgue, MD (Tampa)

414. Veronica Betancur, Medical Student (Miami)

415. Brooke Oppenhuizen, Medical Student (Miami)

416. Christopher Garcia-Wilde, MD/MPH Candidate (Miami)

417. Anna Shah, Medical Student (Miami)

418. Dr. Avani Shah, MD (Bradenton)

419. Dr. Javier Maldonado, Doctor of Dental Surgery (Miami)

420. Dr. Audrey C. Durrant, MD (Tampa)

421. Dr. Andrés A. Cancel, Pharm.D. (Miami)

422. Dr. Amber Pepper, MD (Tampa)

423. Dr. David Woolsey, MD (Miami)

424. Dr. Courtney Premer, PhD (Miami)

425. Dr. Melanie G Hagen, MD (Gainesville)

426. Dr. Theresa Lohmiller, MD (Tampa)

427. Elizabeth Ibarra-Brletic, MMFT, LMHC, Master in Marriage and Family Therapy (Oviedo)

428. Dr. Viviana Jimenez, MD/MPH (Miami)

429. Dr. Callah Antonetti, MD (Pensacola)

430. Dr. Ryan Telford, MD (Tampa)

431. Jessica Forman, Medical Student (Miami)

432. Stephanie Camhi, Medical Student (Boynton Beach)

433. Dr. Cristina Garcia, MD (Tampa)

434. Dr. Tanner Gregory Wright, MD (Tampa)

435. Jordan Mandell, Medical Student (Miami)

436. Dr. Veronica Ten Kate, MD, FAAP (Tampa)

437. Dr. Shylah M Moore Pardo, MD (Lakeland)

438. Dr. Mary Joyce Gan, MD (Tampa)

439. Dr. Daphney Dorcius, Medical Student (Miami)

440. Jazlyn Merida, MPH, Medical Student (Miami)

441. Ryan Zukerman, Medical Student (Miami)

442. Lynn Wilson, RN (Jacksonville)

443. Dr. Nayiesha Sandifer, M.D. (Tampa)

444. Arlene Keys, BSN (St Petersburg)

445. Dr. Narissa Etwaroo, MD (Tampa)

446. Dr. Julie Dekle, MD (Valrico)

447. Dr. Pat Ricalde, MD, DDS (Tampa)

448. Shivani Pandya, Medical Student (Miami)

449. Dana Anderson, Special Needs Educator (Indian Rocks Beach)

450. Varsha Prabhakar, Medical Student (Miami)

451. Varsha Prabhakar, Medical Student (Miami)

452. Anya Hall, Medical Student (Cooper City)

453. Leeanna Hammersley, RN (Brooksville)

454. Dr. Margarita m Mustelier, Psy D (Miami)

455. Gabriel Garcia, Medical Student (Miami)

456. Dr. Michael Dressing, MD, FAAP (Fort Lauderdale)

457. Namrata Palsule, Medical Student (Longwood)

458. Niva Mercado, RN (Spring Hill)

459. Dan Pham, MS, Medical Student (Miami)

460. David Dorcius, Medical Student (Miami)

461. Dr. Cynthia White, MD (Tampa)

462. Dr. Anna Lizama Clark, MD (Orlando)

463. Dr. Mildred J. Perea-Bonet, MD (Tampa)

464. Dr. Richard Sibson, DO, JD (Orlando)

465. Carolina Guillot, Medical Student (Miami)

466. Dr. Laura Gallegos, MD (Winter Park)

467. Courtney Leath, Plasma collection (Gulfport)

468. Samara Khalil, Medical Student (Miami)

469. Dr. Sen Lu, MD, MPH (Tampa)

470. Icledanne Noel-Accilien, MSN (Tampa)

471. Dr. Patrick Blackburn, MD (Tampa)

472. Dr. Ashley Sanchez, Doctor of Pharmacy (Davie)

473. Haley Marber, Medical Student (Miami)

474. Dr. DeRoy Nunoo, MD (Tampa)

475. Jorge Neira Alonso, BSN/FNP (Davie)

476. Melanie Martin, APRN (Lakewood Ranch)

477. Reshma Shah, Pharmacist (Land o lakes)

478. Dr. Dantuluri P Raju, MD (Ocala)

479. Dr. John Kiluk, MD (Tampa)

480. Chloe Gould, MPH, Medical Student (Miami)

481. Dr. Blake Buchanan, MD (Tampa)

482. Amanda Perez, Masters of Occupational Therapy (Tampa)

483. Dr. Marc Bernstein, MD (Sarasota)

484. Kristen Niemi, Master of Public Health (Tampa)

485. Natalie Wharton, Medical Student (Melbourne)

486. Tina Grant, BSN (Sarasota)

487. Dr. Nancy Rihana, MD (Tampa)

488. Dr. Heather Han, MD (Tampa)

489. Jay-Shing Wang, Medical Student (Miami)

490. Heather Farthing, Medical Student (Indialantic)

491. Angela McGaugh, Medical Student (Milton)

492. Dr. Matthew Feldman, MD (Miami)

493. Elena Lopez, Tech (Hialeah)

494. Emily Hays, Medical Student (Miami)

495. Tori Ehrhardt, Medical Student (Miami)

496. Nicole Izhakoff, Medical Student (Miami)

497. Dr. Norine M. Hemping (Venice)

498. Chitra Gotluru, Norine M. Hemping (Miami)

499. Dr. Beena Wilkins, MD (Wesley Chapel)

500. Yvette Guzman, APRN (Tampa)

501. Daniela Londono, MSN (Land o Lakes)

502. Sirpi Nackeeran, Norine M. Hemping (Miami)

503. Dr. Avinash Khanna, MD (Tampa)

504. Dr. Larisa Paul, DO (Tampa)

505. Dr. Dhruv Panchal, MD (Lithia)

506. Dr. Pranavkumar Patel, MD (Windermere)

507. Dr. Lazaro A. Diaz, MD (Lakeland)

508. Dr. Sai Kwan Wan, MD (Lakeland)

509. Laura Gonzalez, BSN (Plant City)

We mobilize doctors & medical students to be leaders in putting #patientsoverpolitics on pressing issues affecting the health of our patients and our nation.

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